Acoustic Wells, a Massachusetts based tech company, provides an artificial intelligence automation platform for oil & gas wells to increase business productivity while drastically reducing methane emission.

Based in Los Altos, California, Afero’s platform provides secure connectivity to the Internet of things allowing companies to quickly build connected devices through the platform’s Bluetooth, smart module and cloud services.

Northeastern based De Ice Technologies provides a sustainable technology that eliminates all chemicals while allowing aircraft to de-ice themselves using a non-invasive electric system

Based in Denver, Colorado, Flowhub empowers cannabis dispensaries with industry-tailored point of sale software solutions that manage cannabis from cultivation to customer purchase, while ensuring regulatory conformity in legal markets.

Front Range Biosciences, a Lafayette, CO company, uses progressive R&D to help produce crops with a higher yield, growing the modern agricultural industry and promoting more sustainable farming practices.

Pennsylvania-based Kaarta transforms the way we see the world by designing real time mobile 3D scanning and mapping technologies for architectural, geospatial and robotic applications.

A California bioscience company, LifeSignals delivers a complete, purpose-built wireless semiconductor platform for health, wellness, and safety applications.

Sila is an Alameda, California based technology company focused on increasing the energy density of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to enable longer-lasting electronic devices and the development of long-range electric vehicles.

A California artificial intelligence company, SiMa.ai seeks to make a.i. more environmentally friendly by enabling customers to build green high-performance machine learning solutions.

A Silicon Valley based company, UDP Labs focuses on getting the tech out of the lab and into its’ partners hands through advanced sensors, AI, and machine learning for the mainstream.

A San Jose based company, Visby Medical changes the way we test and treat illness by developing a human centric device platform to increase the speed, ease and accuracy of disease diagnosis.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Wurk provides cannabis companies with an automated employee management platform helping businesses manage their unique hiring, scheduling and payroll needs associated with the cannabis industry.

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